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Recreation Programming

Season Specifics

  • MSC offers two rec seasons - fall and spring. The fall season runs from Labor Day to mid-October. Spring season runs from April through mid-May. 
  • Rec is for kids entering Kindergarten in the fall through 6th grade (not to interfere with Middle School soccer). If your child is not in Kindergarten yet, check out our Kicks for Tots page for more information and to sign up.
  • Girls K-5/6th grade will practice on Monday evenings (5:30, 6:00, or 6:30) with a Saturday game at the Mandan Soccer Complex.  4th - 6th grade teams will play Saturday games in the Dakota United Soccer League at Cottonwood Park in Bismarck.
  • Boys K-5/6th grade will practice on Tuesday evenings (5:30, 6:00, or 6:30) with a Saturday game at the Mandan Soccer Complex.  4th - 6th grade teams will play Saturday games in the Dakota United Soccer League at Cottonwood Park in Bismarck.


  • Rec teams are assigned in the following order:
    • Gender (as per US Club): girls can be rostered on a boys team, boys cannot be rostered onto girls' teams unless the team is categorized as "Male" or "Coed"
    • Grade
  • Coaches are NOT provided. Our Rec programming relies 100% on parent volunteers to coach. 
    • If a parent does not volunteer during the registration process, it is expected that one or more of the parents assigned to the team will  step up to coach. 
    • Mandan rec soccer is completely ran by volunteers, please help out wherever you can.
  • We try to roster kids by school if we can.   We do not create rosters based on volunteer coaches.
    • Schedules will be input into SportsEngine. Download the app for the latest schedule updates. For App help, go to
  • Shin guards are mandatory, but soccer shoes are not.  Tennis shoes are okay.  Shin guards should be worn under socks.
  • Remember a water bottle!
  • Each K-2nd grade team will have a bag of balls, but feel free to bring a size 3 soccer ball. For 3rd-6th, we use a size 4 soccer ball, but expect kids to bring their own ball (coaches will have a limited number of size 4 balls).
  • No jewelry or hard brimmed hats are allowed.
  • Per Mandan Parks and Rec, at the Mandan Soccer Complex:
    • There are NO DOGS allowed on the fields
    • There is NO PARKING on the street where it is painted yellow.
    • There is NO PARKING on the gravel to the north of the fields. 
      • This is a roadway and parking here creates dangerous conditions for our kids to safely cross the driving lanes.
      • Parking is available to the west of the fields or to the north off the gravel.
  • 1st night stop at the field shed.   Players will receive their team shirt and a picture order form.  After you have those items, please report to your assigned practice field.
    • We will not cancel for rain unless the conditions prevent safe play (Field or Visibility).
    • We will cancel if lightning is present.  
    • We do not cancel for cold weather, please dress in layers.
    • Watch Facebook or the website for weather updates.
  • 4th and 5th/6th Grade Schedules are on DUSC  Webpage Calendar. Dakota United Soccer makes the schedules and releases them one week prior to the season start.
  • Refunds will be subject to a $5 administrative fee to cover processing fee costs.


  • Why do parents need to volunteer to coach?
    • By having parents or others volunteer to coach we are able to keep the fees low.  Previous soccer experience is not required, age appropriate drills and practice plans are available under the coaches corner on this site: Rec Coaches Help.
  • Where can I find the rules?
  • Where does my fee go?
    • Fees go to the Mandan Parks and Rec for a facility user fee, ND Youth Soccer a player fee (insurance), shirts, balls, nets, etc.
  • What equipment is required?
    • Shin guards are mandatory and should be worn under socks. Soccer cleats are optional. Regular tennis shoes are okay. 
    • No football or other cleats that have a toe cleat will be allowed.  
    • A bag of balls will be given to each coach but you are welcome to bring one from home.  
      • K-3 should use a size 3 ball.  4-5 use size 4.
      • Bring a water bottle and it is a good idea to dress in layers.
  • Can my child wear head wear?
    • Yes as long as there is not a hard bill or decoration.  No jewelry including ear rings will be permitted.
  • Why doesn't my kid play with the same kids each season
    • While we do our best to keep kids from the same school together, registrations often dictate that we split schools up. If we kept schools together we would end up with different sized rosters resulting in more kids on the sidelines instead of on the field playing.
  • Why are the rosters so small?
    • We try to keep the team size small with only a few subs per team to allow for more touches and less time sitting on the sidelines.  This may create a situation where you are short players.  If that happens you can even out the numbers with the other team by loaning out a player to the other team.
    • In some instances you may have to play with smaller numbers on the field than usual, or combine with the field next to you.  This is completely acceptable, this is a rec league and the intent is just to get kids out making new friends and having fun while playing organized soccer.
  • Why do we play small sided games?
    • Small sided games were adopted by US Youth Soccer in 2003.  This allows more touches on the ball and a better overall experience.  
  • ​​​​​​​Do we play in the rain or snow?
    • Yes, we will play in the rain and snow.  We will only cancel soccer if there is lightning or if the fields become dangerous due to precipitation. (Mud from a downpour, slippery surface from snow and ice)  
    • In the event of a cancellation the Rec committee will decide if the session will be made up at a later date.
    • Cancellations will be announced on the website and MSC Facebook page.
  • Are dogs allowed at the Mandan Soccer Complex?
    • No, Dogs are not allowed inside the fences at the complex.  ​​​​​​​
    Why is the street no parking?
    • The street between the youth and high school fields is signed no parking to protect children that may run across the street.  Please do not park here even if you intend to stay in your vehicle or are just picking up your athlete. Mandan Police will ticket you.
  • Does Mandan Soccer have scholarships or financial assistance available?


Dacotah Centennial Soccer Complex
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Mandan Soccer Club
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