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MSC 2019 Blizzard Cup Schedule

U13 Girls Gold, U15 Girls Silver, U15 Girls Gold Details

This bracket is a mixed age bracket.  The games are non-point bearing and are simply friendlies (in order to give teams three (3) game minimums).  However, there will be three championship games for the following divisions/teams.

U13 Girls Gold - MSC U13G vs MMFC U13G (A)
Sunday, Feb 10th at 2:40 pm (Curated Travel Company - Court 3)

U15G Silver - MMFC U15G (B) vs WUFC U14G
Sunday, Feb 10th at 1:00 pm (Gate City Bank - Court 2)

U15G Gold - MSC U15G vs MMFC U15G (A)
Sunday, Feb 10th at 1:00 pm (Kiwanis - Court 1)