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Mission of Mandan Soccer Academy Programming

The mission of Mandan Soccer's Summer and Winter programming is:

"Increasing player development within a proper competitive environment"


Programming by Season

The Mandan Soccer Club offers a variety of programming though out the year. Check each tab for dates and more details.

  • Fall Rec
  • Fall Academy
  • Winter Indoor Competitive
  • Spring Rec
  • Spring Academy
  • Summer Competitive
  • Kicks for Tots

Competitive/Academy FAQs

What are the actual costs for Competitive/Academy?

There is a registration fee for each season. They range between $100 and $250 (depending on the season). Each tournament costs additional, the range for tournaments is $70 - $110. Mandan Soccer Club is actively pursuing options to buy down these costs and has scholarships available.


Why does Competitive/Academy cost more than Rec?

One key difference between the two is that coaches are paid for Competitive/Academy. The added fees go to coaching. In the winter, we have an added facility rental cost.


When does the Competitive/Academy season run?

Specific details are on the appropriate webpages.

  • Spring/Summer - April to June

  • Fall - TBD

  • Winter - December to March


What is a Team Manager?

A team manager is a parent volunteer who helps to coordinate details and communicate to the teams while at tournaments. (ex. hotel information and game schedule) They also work with the coach to help coordinate pre-game schedules and player recruitment.


We are going to the tournaments for Competitive/Academy, why do we have to pay for each tournament?

Each team has to pay a fee to enter into any tournament. We also pay our coaches a stipend for their traveling expenses. Mandan Soccer Club has been using the proceeds from our Mandan tournaments to help buy down these costs so it is more affordable.


How do I get my child a uniform for Competitive/Academy?

The Mandan Soccer Club got new competitive uniforms in December of 2018. If your child is in need of one for the upcoming competitive season, please contact Andrew Milas.


We are in the middle of a financial hardship, is there a scholarship I can apply for?

Yes, you can find the app on the website